AA Diploma 2016 (Diploma 9)

with Natasha Sandmeier, Manolis Stravakakis

In her final thesis at the AA, Sabrina Morreale explores different architectural elements and concepts within the form of a pinball machine. The arcade game, uses a steel ball which starts at the top of the machine, following a number of obstacles until it reaches the end of the complex maze. the primary objective of the game is to score as many points as possible.

The pinball machine is the one game that demands a constant and relentless collision between the ball (the protagonist) and the play field. it celebrates randomness over strategy, and endurance over attack. The project argues that ‘we adopt a game mentality, because play is a core allegory of cultural production. the designer states that ‘the more you play, the more possibilities you encounter, all the while you hone your skills and develop your agenda, similar to that of an architect.’

The construction which took a whole year to be designed and assembled, includes individual 3D parts  which are used to form three separate levels. the first level is of the fragments, where you gather what becomes a part of your collection. the second level is the ground, where these pieces begin to form a distributed landscape of ideas. the third level is the bridges, with which you connect these landscapes together into one continuous and contained little world.